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Logistics Collection Agencies is a top New York transportation collection agency. We recover national & international invoice collections for the logistics sector with speed and effiency. 

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Logistics Collection Agencies excels in managing the distinctive challenges of New York’s key logistics sectors including the dynamic urban commerce of New York City the robust industrial operations in Buffalo and Rochester and the critical maritime activities at ports like the Port of New York and New Jersey. These sectors are not only vital to New York’s economy but also play a significant role in national trade and logistics often involving intricate supply chains and substantial business-to-business transactions.

Adherence to New York’s collection laws is a cornerstone of our strategy. We diligently comply with the state’s statutes of limitations for debt collection ensuring all our collection activities are conducted within legally permissible timeframes. This focus on legal compliance combined with our deep logistics expertise cements our status as a leader in effective debt recovery within New York’s diverse logistics landscape. For detailed insights into New York’s collection laws that underpin our strategies please refer to the New York State Legislature website. Our vast experience and tailored approach in these pivotal logistics sectors enable us to deliver premier collection services across New York.


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